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Thank goodness Juno is BACK!

Mini Red is one of the happiest kids in the world right now.  Her best friend, Juno, moved back from Florida a week early and surprised her today.

Mini Red cried for four weeks when Juno left. I didn’t know how to help her but all is right in the world now and they are together once again.

Recently, Mini Red was texting Juno about the Bad Boy she has been chatting with. I call him Bad Boy because although he seems nice enough he was one of the very few that got in trouble and purposefully defied authority when the crew team went to Philadelphia for Stotesbury.  He is the Boy our parents warned us about.

Well… Mini Red texted Juno, excitedly, to tell her that Bad Boy asked her to “Hang Out”.  Juno had the best response:

Oh Cool! But wait… If he want’s you to see his fish tank or Bono CD… DON’T because he doesn’t have either.

I love this girl!

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