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My Tattoo Journey

For a while I have been wanting a tattoo. I wanted leaves… Falling leaves with a bigger red leaf and I wanted it on the inside of my left wrist because it is special to me and the left has a connection to the heart. I found a painting of a red leaf I wanted […]

Thank goodness Juno is BACK!

Mini Red is one of the happiest kids in the world right now.  Her best friend, Juno, moved back from Florida a week early and surprised her today. Mini Red cried for four weeks when Juno left. I didn’t know how to help her but all is right in the world now and they are […]

RP: Pick Up Line Of The Day

I once ran a help desk and a few of the clients still call me from time to time for help. I got a phone call today from a client that I have only spoken to on the phone. He says to me, “I quit my job last week because I won the Lottery. You […]

RP: The “C” Battery

Since Nicole moved in with The Kiddo and I Monday nights have become our TV nights. We watch Prison Break at 9pm then Medium at 10pm. So recently we were very excited about our Monday night since Prison Break hadn’t been on for three weeks. We got home washed our faces and put on comfortable […]

RP: To Snuggle or Not to Snuggle?

I believe there are certain misconceptions that are still out there that are unfounded these days. For example, women want to snuggle… all the time. Not so! I found myself being quite honest during the brief time I dated Boat Boy. One night we were lying in bed and my head was on his chest […]