Work has been a little slow so I’ve been working on updating a manual, on mobile devices, for a co-worker’s client. She asked me to add a section detailing the mobile device for use by the Supervisors.

I was adding details of the device such as listing parts of the mobile device,  charging the battery and things such as soft and hard boot of the device. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I obtained a manufacturer’s user guide complete with detailed pictures of the device.

I was nearly done and deciding if there was any other pertinent information I needed to add when I came across details of the stylus, where it was kept and how to remove it. It came with a color diagram but there was no way I could add it to the manual.

I thought it was just me and my dirty mind but seems several of my co-workers agreed this was inappropriate and were surprised the manufacturer had this in their user guide.  What kind of user guide is this anyhow? (snicker snicker)

I think I will call it a day.

2 comments on “Dia…What?

  1. You, only you, would find something this funny in something so boring and technical… Too funny!

  2. Is the stylus pink in real life, or just in the diagram???

    The stylus is usually white or yellow. It’s only pink in the diagram. – Red

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