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A Day Off…

I took the day off… Or so I thought.  
  • Opthalmologist office – Picked up new sunglasses… Dropped off glasses for new prescription lenses. The parking lot was nuts!
  • Lawyer’s office – To drop off papers
  • Seek out auto store. I searched by name (Pep Boys, Trak Auto) and Viper suggests NAPA.
  • NAPA store looked shady so I left.
  • Stopped at Marshalls and find kick ass 5 inch heels on sale, purchased with money saved on replacing right rear brake light myself.
  • Find auto store and purchase bulb. Thanks to my facebook friends for helping me find an auto store.
  • Grocery store for Shortbread ingredients
  • Home to eat before appointments come to house.
  • Set out bowl with butter in preparation for shortbread making.
  • Start on bulb replacement of rear light but HVAC dude shows up… Early! YAY!
  • Lawn solicitor rings doorbell (rejected)
  • HVAC finishes.
  • I replace bulb, quite easily… AM AWESOME and empowered! HVAC dude watches. Hmmm.
  • Cleaning service arrives, gives estimate. This is so easy AM VERY EXCITED!!! I hire… I need!!!
  • Work Call
  • Pick up keys at Mom’s to have more made since I gave mine to cleaning service.
  • Hardware store to make keys.
  • Visit Mom and return her key.
  • New door knob, purchased on trip to hardware store for keys, proves a bit more difficult than expected.
  • Run to Home Depot for another door knob type – Man behind me was buying wooden stakes for vampire killing, or so he says.
  • Make shortbread for Family Dinner Night on Wednesday.
  • Waiting for drill to charge so I can get back to working on the annoying door knob.
  • Start dinner Mini Red is on her way home. She is being driven by another Crew Mom who is my newest Lady Love bestie . She likes to screw with FN at the regattas. Hehehe
  • Mini Red gets home. Not a good day, namely not a good Crew practice plus she is filthy.
  • Eat (after Mini Red showers).
  • Finish door knob. It’s not perfect but it works and no one will get locked in bathroom anymore, like Mini Red‘s friend who got locked in at 2am a few weeks ago.
  • Tidying up so cleaning service can clean TOMORROW! I am so excited!
  • Paying bills.
I need a wife.

One comment on “A Day Off…

  1. Cleaning Service?! Am so jealous and inspired. Shall get to copying you right away!!

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