I recently bought one of those Bounce Dryer Bar thingies you stick on the inside of your dryer.  Seems it’s not working so well… At least not with static cling.

Mini Red is now in High School and back in the Fall she joined the crew team. Crew really agrees with her and she is now friends with a great group of kids. Plus the parents are FANTASTIC. This is the first group of parents I have become friends with and I’m now on a good portion of the committees for the crew team.

So back in the Fall she learned all about crew and even raced in one regatta in Occoquan. I was so proud and seems she could even hear me yelling as she was in the middle of the water crossing the finish line. Crew is doing something for her that I have never seen before and I love it.

The Winter has been too cold to be out on the water so they have been doing Winter Conditioning at the school and using the erg machines. Her blisters and calluses are impressive to say the least.

This week the kids have been going back out to the boat house. Monday the novices had to go take their swim test before going to the boat house. Of course Mini Red passed with flying colors since she has a background in swimming. Afterwards they all dried off and got on their spandex and cold gear to head to the boat house. That’s when Mini Red noticed it… Static cling and Mom’s underwear stuck to her spandex.

Evidently, she started yelling or screaming or something of that nature. She explained to her friends that “MY MOM’S UNDERWEAR IS STUCK TO MY SPANDEX!”

Her friends didn’t seem to see what the big screaming deal was until Mini Red held them out and said, “It’s her THONG!!!”

2 comments on “Embarrassment

  1. I’m impressed that the kids didn’t seem to care.

    I’m impressed that you have a thong…. those things look uncomfortable….

  2. Oh, stellar.

    At least it was clean?

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