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Saturday Mini Red and I headed downtown to the Roller Derby but this time was different we were volunteering. Originally, it was just gonna be Mini Red volunteering for some points for school but I figured why not and had my name put down too.

We didn’t know what to expect but we got to the Armory just after 2pm. O’Canadoll was our contact and she put us on cupcake duty under Ovary Action (28)*. We found out that operation Cupcake was a surprise for the fans so we nicknamed it “The Georgetown”.

Operation Cupcake was out of the norm for the DC Rollergirls. Seems TLC is filming a six episode pilot called “Cupcake Sisters”**. It’s along the lines of “Ace of Cakes” or “Cake Boss” but this show follows two sisters who run Georgetown Cupcake. For this first episode the sisters present hundreds of cupcakes to the fans of the DC Roller Girls after the first bout. These hundreds of cupcakes were put together to look like the DC Roller Girls logo.

This is when Mini Red and I jumped into action, along with the other volunteers and players, to hand out all of these cupcakes to the fans. This was a lot of fun and we met so many people. Seems they were filming the sisters handing out the cupcakes and there Mini Red and I were right along with them. Mini Red and Ovary’s daughter were dubbed the dancing cupcake girls and they were sure to get them on camera.

I was very cool to see all of this going down. The cupcakes arrived three hours later than expected. The sisters had to rush to put them together behind the secret curtains. The cupcakes were originally supposed to be presented at half time of the first bout.  To even see the cameraman at work and the sound guy and then to see some of the shots played back was all very cool. All things considered the sisters worked pretty fast to only have it pushed back til the end of the bout. It was evident they were all very stressed but by the time it was all done they seemd to feel great about the shots they got.

We were only signed up to help out with the cupcakes but we tried to help out wherever we could I think Mini Red‘s favorite part was handing out freebies to the crowd. The older she has gotten the more shy Mini Red has become but not at the roller derby. Mini Red fit in perfectly and had a blast mingling with the crowd as well as the players.

We were so exhausted that we couldn’t even hang for the end of the second bout.

O’Canadoll and that entire crew do an amazing job running this derby. Cudos to you all for a job well done… Every month.

First Person Singular: DC Rollergirls’ Meagan Henry

** TLC Reveals Sweet Tooth With ‘Cupcake Sisters’

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