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Shit of a Blizzard!



Flake -A-Palooza



The names go on and on.

It wasn’t til the second storm on Tuesday morning that I stood at my back door looking outside and thought “Apocalypse” then realized how fitting Snowpaclopyse really was.

A week stuck in the house with a teenager while trying to work and I must admit a bit O da PMS at work made for disaster. Ok ok I know it could have been worse and when I heard Mini Red trying to talk down a friend of hers dealing with a similar situation I knew we weren’t alone.

I was praying for the weather men to get it all wrong but Tuesday morning I ran out while I could. Where did I go? The grocery store!  Oh for the luv that was horrible. Luckily, I got a FANTASTIC spot underground and believe  me I was thanking the snowy heavens for that.

As I walked in I braced myself. I had come this far I better follow through so I took a deep breath and approached it with the best attitude I could. In the store you could tell many were working hard to keep calm as the store was PACKED. Some old woman was non-stop over the loud speaker telling us fresh bagels were almost done and gonna be coming up the elevator any minute and would we PLEASE buy some bird feed to help those poor little birds throught this storm. Oh an don’t forget to tell everyone else how wonderful the Kensington Safeway is. I got some Jumbo Gulf Shrimp for a steal and when I got in line sent Mini Red for coffee at Starbucks. I couldn’t help but feel like I was forgetting something but chalked it up to the panick in the air and stood my ground.

We stopped by the folks afterwards and I was able to finally get the picture frame with all the pics working. Mom and I were mexmerized watching all the pics and ends up Dad was the same way when he got home.

I woke Wednesday morning to the sound of some snow melting off the roof but when I looked outside it was pure white. We had been upgraded to a Blizzard warning. Come On People this is DC there aren’t blizzards here!  Ummmm Yeup it’s Snowmagegddon of a different kind.

The wind was crazy and I headed out to shovel around 3:30pm. This was to be the fifth time shoveling in five days. I did my front walk then approached the public sidewalk and headed up in front of the neighbors and started working on her walk. I had to take my time because my back was so incredibly sore from the previous days. Even though I was sore I had a hard time stopping I knew it was best to get as much shoveled now rather than later when it was ice..

After shoveling I showered and Mini Red and I headed to the Folks cause it was Dad’s birthday. We had fun walking over there and didn’t see many cars. The Folks seemed very excited to see us and I have to admit I loved it when Mom was nearly begging us to stay the night. We popped open some wine and watched the Caps come to the end of that fabulous winning streak. But not before we notice Pepco out on the back street where my Aunt lived. Mom was hollering out the back window at them like some redneck, “Ya’ll from Pepco?”. Mini Red and I were sent on a mission through the back yard and 3.5 feet of snow over the mound of snow out the back gate to then connect with the dudes from Pepco. I was so glad I hadn’t run that day (treadmill) or I would have never made it. I had to push Mini Red over the snow mound. We were soaked but we reached the Pepco dudes. They promised they weren’t leaving until my Aunt and her neighbors had power. My Aunt had been without power for 5 days and it took them all of maybe 30 minutes to get the power on again. Those boys must have been incredibly busy. So we trekked back through that tundra of a back yard and changed into the dry clothes we brought.

The walk home was actually kind of fun. There was a group of boys and I knew Mini Red was terrified I would say something to them but one was wearing trash bags as boots and I had to comment “Like your boots!”. They all got a giggle out of it and thankfully Mini Red wasn’t mad. Hey I’m a Mom I gotta embarass her.

Thursday Mini Red headed off to meet friends, and a coach , for a snowball fight. I love this girl but I was tickled to have some time to myself to work and shovel.

During this week I was a bit thankful for the snow because it saved me money. I know the Government is paying out the nose for all this but it saved my bank account except for that day at the store and today.

Today I took some time off work and dropped Mini Red off to see her friend who is moving to Florida today. I then went to Monkey Mall.  Oh what fun! I made friends and shopped and I’m not much of a shopper but I was very happy to be out and I chatted with everyone. Sure glad Mini Red wasn’t with me she would have been embarassed.

I guess it didn’t save me that much but at least held me off until payday… today.

This snow is incredible and I am hearing from friends all over. You can’t help but take pictures but the pictures can’t seem to capture it all. I have run out of places to put the snow but I’ m praying hard that I won’t have to shovel anymore.

Gawd I can’t wait til summer!

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