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Life of A Ginger Outcast!

Mini Red wants to start a  blog of her own. I’m a little unsure but I do believe it will improve her writing skills.

This would be her first post if and when we start her blog:

Well hello again faithful readers, What can I say I love writing and have such an opinion that I believe I must share it my beautiful writing for the world.

Most of you must know my Mother’s blog. Life of Red, so I have grown knowing how this feels when people agree with you about bad dates or crazy nun fights. I see my Mom and how she could always find relief in the her writing and that what I have wanted all my life. Finally I got it. Most people say that high school has changed and you dont even know how it is now. There are still boys and drama the only real difference is that there is no longer note passing, just texting. This blog hopefully will give insight on the modern teenager. I feel the same as my Mama does about my writing I feel a release when I write. A feeling no man can make me feel, at least not yet. A reader when reading a piece does not say in there mind that this girl is fat or has acne or some other insulting little private remark, and don’t deny it either. I myself do that when seeing someone who I know auto matically I know I wont like. Like if someone is wearing a pair of adorably cute boots with a shirt I wanted and a coat I would kill for. And yeah I know thats all about the outside right well that what everyone sees first. To quote the movie The Ugly Truth,Men (and women) are attracted by your looks” I want people to fall in love with me for me. Some people draw or take pictures to show who they are. I would like to see my writing as a way to put my word and my mindset out in the world to see what others think about the same project.

Thank you for coming to my page and reading my first post. I hope many more will come.

With inspiration comes art, and with art comes yourself. – Mini Red a/k/a Ginger

One comment on “Life of A Ginger Outcast!

  1. She’s a chip off the “young” block.

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