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GoogleBoy’s wife makes wonderful yummies and sends them in to us, at the office, every so often. Today she sent in Gingerbread cookies. I chose a man. An bit off his head! Wow! I suddenly feel great!!

Life of A Ginger Outcast!

Mini Red wants to start a  blog of her own. I’m a little unsure but I do believe it will improve her writing skills. This would be her first post if and when we start her blog: Well hello again faithful readers, What can I say I love writing and have such an opinion that […]

Holiday Bar Hop

About a month ago I scheduled a Bar Hop among friends via Facebook. Never been to a bar hopping type thingy before but I scheduled it. Quite a few came out and everyone had fun. Except there were complaints that half hour for each bar was a bit aggressive. I was asked to schedule another […]