BGR advertised:

“On Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 11:00 a.m. to noon customers who arrive at any of BGR’s three DC area locations with ‘BGR’ written on any body part will receive a delicious gourmet burger on the house. Customers can select either The Burger or Veggie Burger, and the promotion is limited to one complimentary burger per customer.”

I wrote on my hand:


I was in line at 11:40:


A BGR employee came out and specified that a man, five people behind me, was to be the last person. At noon the promotion stopped and I was just three people back. A woman behind me went up and spoke with the manager but he said, “NO! It stops now”.

I understand there has to be a cutoff but this was very disorganized and there was a big lack of communication.

This was my second time at BGR and the second time I was disappointed.

I won’t be back.

Five Guys is less expensive and I hear Ray’s Hell Burger is MUCH better.

4 comments on “BGR: FAIL

  1. that sucks!! what is bgr anyway?

    The Burger Joint – Red

  2. That’s just tacky, not to mention bad PR overall. I don’t think I even want to try them now.

  3. Hells Burger I WAY!!! better.

  4. Yeah, I recently tried the BGR that opened up in Alexandria and was mightily disappointed. Oh well, still have Five Guys and Fatburger!

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