Save the Ta Tas

Did you know October is Breast Cancer awareness month?

Breast Cancer has affected most families but now-a-days more seem to survive it. My Grandmother as well as my Godmother had breast cancer. Both beat it but both passed due to another sort of cancer.

For years I was a smoker and I quit 5 years ago and EXTREMELY happy about that. Considering my family history it is a very good thing. My Mom quit at the same time but we both feel differently about it. She misses it and I don’t except for the mental breaks it would give me or how it represented relaxation but was very stinky.

I hit 41 this year and that means regular mammograms. Oh joy of joys. So this past Monday I went in but it wasn’t my first mammogram. Several years ago I found a lump. Thankfully, it was nothing. This time I got a letter on Thursday:

Dear Ms. Red:

Your mammogram is considered incomplete. In order to complete the evaluation, we need additional imaging studies. Please call to schedule an appointment. You will receive your final results when you complete your additional imaging. Charges will apply for additional services.

Interpreting Radiologist

Obviously this is a form letter and very much thought out as to not alarm someone but as a woman, and a redhead, I have that wild imagination, which brings many questions:

  • Incomplete?
  • Additional imaging?
  • Another appointment?
  • Charges will apply?
  • Why would charges apply if they didn’t do the images correctly?
  • Does that mean something is wrong?
  • I figured I would talk to Mom since I remember her mentioning being called back before. Plus we all tend to look to our parents to see how to react no matter what our age. Like when we were kids and we fall and we look at Mom to see if she is alarmed or not and if we should start crying.

    Mom said she has been called back plenty of times and assured me it’s nothing.  Then she tells me she is coming with me. I was surprised and said that wasn’t necessary but she told me that every time she is called back Dad goes with her. After being called back so many times she told him he doesn’t need to go with her because she is positive everything is fine and routine but he insists on going with her. So now she is insisting on doing for me what Dad does for her.

    Really I’m not worried… Well 99.9% sure.

    If you are looking for a way to help or just for information on Breast Cancer Awareness please visit The Breast Cancer Awareness site.

    2 comments on “Save the Ta Tas

    1. Good luck – let us know when you get the all clear!

    2. I’m keeping a good thought.

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