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My two cents…

Kanye “Fuck Nuts” West needs to be banned and boycotted.

He apologized for a third time on the Jay Leno Show stating that it’s due to not taking time off especially after his mother’s death. I say, “Bull shit!” Excuses, excuses… He has done this time and time again and he will do it yet again.

This jerk needs to be taught a lesson and needs to learn his place. Maybe this is a job for Emily Post?  Then again… Not sure if anyone can get through his thick skull.

So fed up with this dude that I do and will continue to change the station if any of his music is played.

I apologize for my profanity but I am really tired of people like this.

One comment on “My two cents…

  1. He’s a total douche! The more you apologize the more it becomes about you and not the other person.

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