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The Kensington Labor Day Parade

If you’ve been to Kensington’s Labor Day Parade before then you have a predefined area to sit along with your family and friends.  You also know to bring a bag for the candy that gets thrown at you and a trash bag for the political handouts as well as the candy wrappers.

The parade always starts out with all the politicians:




Then come Kensington’s Fire trucks:



The Kensington Fire Department has quite a fleet of trucks.  Oh and here is a small sampling of my family:


There were bands:



… And fighting pirates:

IMG_0803 IMG_0804The PTA was rocking out:IMG_0806

While the kids tagged along behind:


Then there were Horses and dogs:








Oh and then MORE Fire trucks from Rockville, Hyattstown and Silver Spring. It was unbelievable how many fire trucks there were:


There was a float… of sorts:


I really hope to see more floats in the years to come.

There were people that had something to say. Some of it was understood some of it wasn’t:IMG_0827










The parade has really grown over the years. I ran into a a lot of friends and even one who was in the parade for a local Stage Hand Union. The problem is… They were at the end and everyone’s ADD had kicked in at that point. Maybe next year they will have a float to really get noticed. I can’t wait. 

See this is why I leave the beach early… To not only beat traffic but also to see the parade and then walk into town for the Festival and catch up with everyone after the summer.

If you’ve never trekked out to K-Town for the Labor Day parade I suggest you mark your calendars and make it out for the next one in 2010. There’s nothing like a small town parade and this one is just outside D.C.

One comment on “The Kensington Labor Day Parade

  1. It’s great that they have the children caged.

    I know… Right? I thought it was hilarious. – Red

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