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Do you know The Mower Man?

Do you know The Mower Man,
The Mower Man, The Mower Man,
Do you know The Mower Man,
He services Montgomery, Howard and PG Counties Lawn Mowers?

Yes I know The Mower Man,
The Mower Man, The Mower Man,
Yes I know The Mower Man,
He came to my home and made my lawn mower like new again?

Since moving into a house the task of mowing the lawn has entered my life again. I was EXTREMELY lucky to get a hand me down lawn mower from Mr. & Mrs. M. I quickly realized I needed to figure out how to maintain this mower, which would save me a lot of money in the long run. I overheard my cousins talking at a family event about this Mower Man. You tell him where you keep the mower and he comes to your home, you don’t need to be home, and services the mower. If you get a service contract they will contact you and come out every Spring and change the oil and sharpen the blades and check for anything else that might be needed.

As a single Mom who works full time and has an issue with procrastination… This service is perfect for me. I finally got the contact info and called. They came out the next day.

When I got home from work Mini Red and her friend were sitting on the front step chatting up The Mower Man. I think he got a kick out of them.  I tried to save him from them and soon found out we know a lot of the same people. As Squirrely Gurl can attest… My world tends to be quite small.

I was so excited to find a service like this and the price is definitely right. The Mower Man was very personable as well as knowledgable and the mower is now purring.

Thanks Mower Man!

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