In Search of a Screw

I recently bought a used trampoline off craigslist. Took me the entire weekend to get it together but by Sunday evening it was done.  Even though the trampoline is together there are a few spots where a screw was missing. 

Monday after work I took one of the screws and headed to Home Depot. In no time I found the aisle I needed and even was able to figure out the screw size was unable to find exactly what I was looking for. I sucked it up and went in search of some help.  I travelled past quite a few isles before I found someone to ask. He promptly came to help me out although it wasn’t his section. He did everything I had done and even confirmed the size of the screw but he couldn’t find what I needed either.

As my helper was looking for this screw there was a little Italian man, with a great accent, who asked for helper for help too.  This little Italian man continued his search as my helper went in search of the person who was actually working that section. As I waited I continued my search in hopes I could resolve this myself. I could tell the little Italian man was watching me search and then he said, “You must not be married.”

I just looked at him and smiled and then he said, “Because married women send their husbands to the hardware store.”

I said, “Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.”

We both continued our searches and I moved to the other side when he spoke up again, “You need some help? I could help you but I don’t wanna be married.”

I would appreciate some help and no worries… You don’t have to be married.”

We finally found a screw that would work. It wasn’t an exact match but it would do. He also took the time to make sure I checked each one to make sure it was the right size and it was a good thing too. I thanked him and he scooted off rather quickly because he ended up finding what he needed without help.

He was right though, I was the only woman in that aisle.

Good thing he helped me out cause I wanted to get out of there plus no one from Home Depot ever showed up to help us even though they had been paged several times.

Thanks little Italian man for helping me find my screw.

2 comments on “In Search of a Screw

  1. I’m sure there are several really rather good jokes in there somewhere about little Italian men and getting screwed, but I shall restrain myself 😉

    But you didn’t need a man to accomplish the jop so it just proves “Not only am I perfect, but I’m a redhead”.

    Hey I’m innocent in the way I wrote this. If someone takes other meaning I am not responsible except if it instigates some giggling. Oh and I am far from perfect but I am a redhead. 🙂 -Red

  2. A trampoline?!?!?! The coolest mom ever contest is now over. You just won it.

    Oh plenty of Mom buy trampolines although they may not put them together. My hands still hurt. You should come over and test it out. – Red

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