Touchy subject but…

Did anyone else see the Pro-Lifers on Connecticut Avenue, Maryland side of Chevy Chase Circle, yesterday during rush hour?


I haven’t been able to find out much information on this protest, primarily why they chose this location. I’m surprised WaPo doesn’t have an article on this but then again it’s a touchy subject and many tend to ignore the issue alltogether. Note: I’m not stating my opinion on this topic either. I will keep my asshole opinion to myself.

This location is on a part of Connecticut Avenue that squeezes three lanes in where it should just be two. One wrong move and somebody gets hit (experienced that a few years ago). Then with the protesters out there traffic became chaotic, “Honk for life”.  I was surprised I didn’t hear anyone honking I felt like just ducking and get past it all as fast as I could. A friend, who also drove through this, said it was crazy loud and a lot of honking when she passed.

The pictures they had of dead aborted babies were HUGE and became overwhelming since there were so many between the Circle and Bradley Blvd. By the time I got past the chaos it definitely had an affect on me and I had to turn the air up. I’m sure it didn’t help that there was a tractor trailer next to me and I thought for sure he would rip me to shreds since he was so close.


See how close the truck is.

3 comments on “Touchy subject but…

  1. Wow, your blog remembers me. 🙂

    Anyway, there are protests by little groups around DC all the time… most of them don’t make the news unless it’s something really large.

    Glad you survived the truck!

    The truck scared me the most! – Red

  2. Hey, didn’t see this, but MB told me about yesterday. Said when she was going through there was some yelling (both sides); don’t recall about the honking.
    Based on what you and she describe, if you want to make sure your signs will be read by passing motorists and passengers ( how many young and inquisitive minds saw all that?), logistically seems to be a good place. I recall, a few months back, a couple of blocks down from where I work, there was a small group, but not as flashy, not as distracting (only one or two placards).
    And dittos on surviving the truck!

    I was really glad Mini Red wasn’t with me. I don’t feel she is ready to see pics like those although we have discussed the topic. -Red

  3. Thank God the kid wasn’t with you. That would be horrible. I know that these people think they’re doing all of us ignorami a favor but I’m not sure that this wins anybody over to their side.

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