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Someone was bound to finally develop this…

… A speed camera alert for GPS.

A local man, Joseph Scott, developed a program to work with his GPS. There’s a lot of debate going on about the usefulness and reliability of this program. A Software Salesman, that uses this program, says it helps to refocus him when he might be getting distracted on the road doing his sales calls. Sounds like he does a lot while driving such as; phone calls, emails and sipping coffee to name a few.

Some law enforcement are all for the program to slow drivers down and not always where there are speed cameras since it’s the subscribers that send in the locations and not from a reliable database that tracks these locations. In Virginia, where there are no speed cameras, drivers are alerted to police that are set up with radar guns.  This sounds like it could be a crap shoot if the data isn’t up-to-date but it would get more drivers to slow down even if there are no radar encampments.

 I have to agree that a big con of the program is, “an option that warns drivers of places where police operate checkpoints to find drunk drivers. On PhantomAlert’s Web site, the DUI checkpoint locations are marked with a tiny martini-glass icon.” I’m all for the newest thing in fuzz busters but not to protect the drunk drivers.

The entire article can be read here.

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