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Simply… Wow!

This year I have been watching “So You Think You Can Dance”. I don’t watch the elimination shows but love watching them dance. Last night (7/22/2009) started off a little slow but the couples stepped it up in their second performances.

Through the season there are performances that bore me, amuse me, grab my attention and so forth but last night there was a performance that had me crying and I wasn’t the only one. Every judge was in tears including the audience. Guest judge Ellen Degeneres didn’t drop a tear but it was evident how moved she was because she didn’t even crack a joke.

This performance, featuring Tyce Diorio’s amazing choreography, draws attention to the turmoil of a woman struggling with breast cancer and its affects on her partner.

Tonight’s elimination show promises to be out of this world as SYTUCD also celebrates 100 episodes and Katie Holmes is scheduled to perform. I might actually tune into this elimination show.


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