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So glad this week is over

It has been quite a week! There has been a lot of work to bring this week to fruition.

First: Mini Red got Confirmed!  She chose the name Joan as in Joan of Arc because Joan represents a very strong woman. Mini Red had to do research on Joan of Arc, write a report about her and another paper on why she chose that saint.  We had other paper work to do to including details of her sponsor and Mini Red chose Uncle Brotha-Man. Lastly, she had to do 10 service hours and went way above that.  She did a few hours working in the religious education office, she volunteered herself for eight hours to be a Mother’s helper for a Mom with three kids. On top of that she volunteered to clean up the Potomac Watershed on Saturday morning. The clean up sounded like fun so I volunteered too!  We met some great people and had a lot of fun getting grimy to do some good for the watershed.  It is truly unbelievable the things people throw into the creek, e.g. grill, car grille, bike, knife. We will definitely be doing more of this type cleanup.

The Confirmation Mass was Thursday night and Mini Red was even chosen to read one of the petitions.  I am so proud of Mini Red and I’m proud of myself for that evening and having to deal with FN who was in fine form. During the signs of peace he decided to hand me child support rather than shake my hand. Such a jerk!

Second: Mini Red played her violin at Music in the Parks, in Williamsburg, with her school Orchestra. I must mention that just a month ago they got a perfect score at  the County and State Festivals.  This was the first time her school’s Orchestra made it to State Festival. So this week they went to Williamsburg for Music in the Parks and won Overall and First, yet again. I’m so proud.

Third: While Mini Red was in Williamsburg I headed to the beach for a Bachlorette weekend for Sis. Eighteen of us stayed in this big beautiful house on the beach in Fenwick Island.  For two nights I fell asleep and woke to the sounds of the ocean waves.  Saturday brought a nice run up Coastal Highway into Bethany and we got back just in time for games on the beach. The drinking got started early and by the time it was my turn to play cornhole I had quite the buzz going on thanks to the Vanilla Vodka and Diet Coke. Then the games got much more interesting and were even funnier due to the amount of alcohol consumption that was going on. We broke for lunch and I, evidently, had some drunken texting going on and even called a friend (Imelda/my Boss) a Pussy. I must add I had a good reason for calling her a pussy. Shortly after I passed out and woke to them taking pictures of me. The nap did me good and gave me a second wind for the evening. We all got dressed, played pin the penis on the groom until the vans arrived to take us to the Starboard in Dewey.  We had a great time and by the end of the evening there were a ton of great stories that involved fights being provoked, dirty dancing, handstands and flips as well as nakedness and the hot tub. A good time was had by all and many were feeling very rough today. SIL and I had gotten up quite early so when many got up around noon and I went to say my goodbyes I was a bit taken aback when one girl told me to clean up a bit before I left.  Ummmm yeah I had been… All morning while you were sleeping.

It took us six hours to get home possibly due to the crusiers heading home after showing their cars all Cruisin Week in O.C.

My body is hurting from the running, the games, the sunburn and the dancing. So very tired now.

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