Who are you trying to reach?

Sometime last Fall I had to take on a work Blackberry.  When I did that I got rid of Mini Red‘s phone and gave her mine in an effort to save money.  Then my Blackberry got stolen in Vegas so I got a personal phone while I was there because I needed to stay connected.  So there was a lot of number changes for me and many still call the old number, which is now Mini Red‘s number.  I’ve had that number for such a long time so making sure I got to everyone with the update info can be difficult. Mini Red knows the drill and now at 14 she can become quite amusing as GoogleBoy found out:

GB: So I heard a rumor.  Confirm / Deny

Red: What rumor and who is this?

GB: GoogleBoy.  Maybe, might be hopefully going to…??

Red: What going to…?? what phone are you on?

GB: I’m on my cell.  So i guess it was just a rumor 😦

Red: Wait..  Are you looking for Red?

GB:  Maybe.  This isn’t her number anymore??  Little Red??

Mini Red: No it’s her daughter Little Red.  Hi Person!

Mini Red: Si

GB: LOL.  Hey it’s Googleboy from The Company.

Mini Red: Right, u want moms #

GB: I forgot your mom got a new cell!!!  please!! 🙂



Mini Red:  No prob dude, what’s the rumor??

GB:  Your mom would kill me if I told you.

2 comments on “Who are you trying to reach?

  1. GoogleBoy?? A RUMOR??!! SPEAK UP!

  2. I finally do something blog-worthy. LOL! My lips are sealed!

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