Kiss me I’m Irish!

Sweet Motha of Gawd!  It’s that green time of year again.

You don’t know what I’m talking about?


This year is gonna be different for me.  See last year I ended up interviewing Carbon Leaf and although it was unplanned and I just followed on Scarlett’s coat tails and it was a blast.  A great group of guys.

This year I have put in my bid to interview a band and although I’m tempted to tell you who I’m not.  Plus it isn’t in stone yet but I have my people working on it.

The line up is bigger than ever this year and Carbon Leaf is returning as well as Flogging Molly, Scythian, Mr. Greengenes and Ceann will be there to name a few.  Ceann is a new group I’ve heard great things about but haven’t seen/heard them live yet.  For the full line up check out this link.

So if you wanna rock with the best of the Irish then you better get your tickets soon.  General Admission is only $19.99 right now and the VIP is only $79.99 but those prices will be going up. You should also note that VIP gets you all you can drink, 2009 Shamrockfest mug, and the best part is cleaner bathrooms plus so much more.

Get your tickets here.

3 comments on “Kiss me I’m Irish!

  1. I can tell you from experience that VIP is the only way to go. The “all you can drink” beer is nice, but the VIP bathrooms are what sells it for me (and I’m a dude). Money well spent, trust me.

  2. See at ShamrockFest on Saturday!
    the FUs

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