Does what happens in Vegas really stay there? My purse did!

Here a brief pictorial about my last week:

Where I stayed:


Starting off right with a cigar on the first day:


The girls ready for the first night out:


A View of  The Strip from Caesars:


My first celebrity sighting of Monday night. I even got his digits but they were stolen with my purse later that evening.


At club XS I was occupied on the dance floor by a hot young’un when my purse got stolen.


Skip to later in the week where I posed on a motorcycle outside of the Harley Davidson Restaurant:


Even made a trip by the Hard Rock Hotel to take a peek at Rehab, which is under construction:


Rode a roller coaster at New York New York:


The view from my room the morning I left:


Vegas had it’s ups and downs but for some reason I was loaded with downs. To then come home to have to clean it all up and be riddled with more crap.

One of the big ups was to come home Saturday afternoon after my errands, such as getting a new drivers license, to find beautiful flowers on my doorstep. You know who you are and thank you very much!

4 comments on “Does what happens in Vegas really stay there? My purse did!

  1. Who got you the flowers? What kind were they? The girls will have to plan a long weekend out there during the spring/summer time frame so you can have more ups.

  2. You certainly know how to handle a cigar…Sorry, as a man, I am required by law to say something about that picture.

  3. Yeah, it’s disgusting, but I can’t help but laugh whenever I see that commercial. I love the guy’s subtle reactions to the hair fluttering in his face.

  4. […] Red’s phone and gave her mine in an effort to save money.  Then my Blackberry got stolen in Vegas so I got a personal phone while I was there because I needed to stay connected.  So there was a […]

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