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Still Having Fun!

I was recently found on Facebook by a young’un I met years ago at a friend’s wedding in Massachusetts.  We were the only single people at the wedding and I think the groom pointed me out and encouraged him to hit on me even though he is at least 10 years younger than I.  He’s quite the studly fellow with a brain to boot, which is evident by his degree from MIT.

Now you know how it goes when you find someone on Facebook… The first thing you do is check out all their photos and then you exchange a few emails.

The email I got today had me cracking up when he said, ” I love that half your photos are with 20-something guys–seems like you’re still having fun!”

Of course!


One comment on “Still Having Fun!

  1. Younger folk do tend to assume that we spend all of our time lying flat on our backs with our hands crossed over our chests waiting for a passing mortician to pick us up.

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