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I Got a Bit O the Freak Out Going on Here

There is just so much lately.

I am now on the team that is going to the conference in Vegas the beginning of February.  It’s exciting and the company is paying but you know its gonna cost me too!  Normally I wouldn’t be too concerned about that but at the end of this week I’m moving… Into a HOUSE!!!  This is very exciting but it will be several hundred more a month and now I will have utilities to pay.

Mini Red will be finally learning how to take a quicker shower because not only will we have only one bathroom but I have to pay the water, gas and electric that will pay for her showers.  Things are getting tight for us … But wait there’s more…

It all very exciting but the money part is freaking me out a bit tonight because, after much research and visiting many stores, I bought an all new entertainment system for the new living room.  I have a 40″ tube TV already but since I will have movers this week I will have them move that in the basement.  Otherwise I don’t know how it will ever get down there because it is incredibly heavy.  The basement will have my office as well as the Rec Room.  Mini Red‘s Dad asked what we are gonna call the Rec Room.  His is called “The Bunker” and Brotha-Man has “The Man Room” with it’s Masters Green walls.  Mini Red promptly came up with the perfect name after watching the movie “Reality Bites“.  It will be called “The Maxi Pad“. How perfect is that?

Sorry I digressed. So tonight I ended up purchasing a 46” 1080p LCD HDTV, a DVD surround sound system with speakers and iPod docking station. Plus a TV HD Media Player for USB Storage Devices. I can’t wait to get it all set up but I need to get the In Debt part outta my head first.  I don’t think that will happen until it all gets set up on Friday.

Dad seems excited about it and is impressed with the price I got.  I can’t wait to show Brotha-Man on Saturday. Brotha Man and The King will be coming on Saturday to help move anything else that is left.  I’m thinking I’ll leave a few shoes boxes for The King to carry.  He’s 18 months and I can’t help but think how cute that will be.

So I’m kinda broke at this point.  There won’t be much going out at least in the next few months except, of course, Vegas.  As a single chick the only boys I’ll be meeting will be the Jehovahs Witness or the Mormons that might be knocking on my door trying to save me.


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