Memories, Like the corners of my mind…

I have a horrible memory. 

This is just one of the reason’s I call people Dude and Chick.

This horrible memory is evident when looking for people on Facebook but in other areas this bad memory can be a good thing. I often don’t remember what I have blogged and when I go back to read I have so much fun reading what I had written.  I just noticed I’ve blogged something twice… Crap!

I guess I’ve always known my memory is bad and must be why I write things down. For example all the cute things Mini Red did that I wrote anywhere and I’m finding all over the place now.  I guess I should get a bit more organized with my notes.  I used to carry a little spiral pad of paper and I’m thinking I should do that again.

When it comes to movies I often forget the details.  Mini Red and I just sat down to watch “Head over Heels”.  I knew it was a cute movie but as it went on I realized I couldn’t remember what happened.  So it was like I was watching it for the first time.  I’m my own movie critic… I know it’s a cute movie but I don’t really remember it so why not sit down and enjoy it again?

I can’t tell you how many books I’ve read that become movies.  I never remember the end and comparing the book to the movie is just not happening most of the time unless I read the book just before the movie came out.

I do remember faces though.  Often I see someone familiar and can’t place them or remember their names.  This happened a lot when I was on Match.  I then realized where I’ve seen them and their Match picture pops in my head.  This is why I rarely approach a familiar face.

So if you see me on the street, stop me and say, “Hi” because I, most likely, won’t stop you.

2 comments on “Memories, Like the corners of my mind…

  1. But do you say “You looked better on Match/Facebook/Myspace” ?

    No need to say it because I think it’s a well know fact that everyone looks better on Match/Facebook/Myspace. That is except for me! -Red

  2. […] noticed this guy who looked familiar but I wasn’t sure why.  Remember my last post about the bad memory? Suddenly his Match photo popped into my […]

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