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Now that the holidays are over we can breathe a sigh of relief and welcome 2009

The holidays have come and gone… Thank goodness.

I spent Christmas week sick as a dawg.  Started with a cold and by the Christmas Eve I couldn’t keep much down. I felt so bad that during the annual Family Christmas Eve Party I went and took a nap. The Family got up at the crack of dawn for 7:30 Mass but decided to leave me be.  Yeah I wasn’t doing too well but when I did get up I felt better than I did the day before.

Mom said it was gonna be low key this year and not as many gifts… Yeah right!  That woman is off the hook and honestly, I don’t know how she does it all.

Mini Red had a blast especially when she walked in the room to find the keyboard she has been DYING for.


By Sunday I was feeling better and able to eat.  Mini Red‘s Dad brought her home.  I was a little shocked to see what she was wearing.  Her Dad had previously agreed with me that the Goth look wasn’t for her but that seems to be all he bought her.  Everything was black with skulls.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m not against the skulls but when combined with all the black it’s so unappealing. Oh and the shirt she was wearing… Horrible!


Mini Red and I ran out to do some errands and ended up at Sushi Damo.  It was pretty warm that day but I had to have Mini Red zip up her jacket because the Joker was staring at me and it was unnerving.  I think her Dad does it to piss me off and it’s working.  When I mentioned all the black and skulls he bought her he pointed out the shoes I got her.  Well, the shoes are cool but that is the ONLY thing I got her with skulls.  Converse allows you to design your own shoes so that’s what I had Mini Red do and she even personalized them!


We brought the New Year in quietly while packing.  I’m looking forward to 2009 especially with moving into a house.  2008 had it’s ups and downs which started with a new job and a horrible cold. I experienced kidney stones, finding wonderful people, a conference in Orlando, the Big 40 and a long awaited, beautiful wedding in Chicago. I learned a lot in 2008 and realized how much is beyond my control and to just let it go. Several people left my life, not due to death but for their own reasons, some unbeknownst to me and some ridiculous. All were people I knew for a very long time but I’m ok with it.

2009  has many promises… Some good and some bad but I’m ready for it.  Just giving Mini Red a home soars above anything else.  My upcoming work trip to Vegas helps too but the promise of coming back from that in time to spend Valentine’s Day alone is a small annoyance to get past.  Just thinking about this year is exciting… Brotha-Man and SIL just had their second child, a little girl… Awwww.  Then there’s the wedding in June…Sis and Viper are getting married.

I hope the new year brings nothing but goodness for all of you reading. I can’t wait to see what 2009 brings but it’s greeted with a new me to face any challenges that may come and I welcome them.

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