The fun things you find when packing for the move

As I’m packing up my apartment I am cleaning out as well.  Tonight I was cleaning out some drawers and finding all sorts of things that Mom’s tend to keep.  Mini Red keeps running out when she hears me sighing and awwing at the pictures I find of her when she was little. 

Besides finding pictures I am finding notes I’ve written of funny things Mini Red did such as:

In the car Mini Red held up her umbrella and made a “cha chi” sound as if the umbrella was a rifle.  Then in an accent she says: “Don’t mess with me! I am Anol Swartaznegger and I am the Gov’nor of Calaforneeiaah”. I don’t know where she get’s this.

Thank goodness there is always a date. September 15, 2004 would make Mini Red about 9 yrs old.

Here’s a note she wrote to me when she was 10 and I’m including the mispellings:

Dear Read, (Red)
Hi I am not going to tell you my real name but just call me Evil Priness. I want to also tell you my messenger is my friend Mini Red (axa Best friend). I want you to know that my love for you burns like the white hot entencity of a thousend Sun’s. I think you are hansom funny and sweet. So I hope you right back Soon give the letter to Mini Red. I am not Mini Red I swar I am Some one else. (not Kayka not Ashley not Alex not Nicky not Mini Red I Swar
Evil Princeess

I can’t wait to find more of these.  If Mini Red allows I may post more. I’m just glad to see that I’ve at least written down some of these funny, kid like, things she did and put them anyplace to find later. I’m also so happy I’ve saved her notes.  So many of her notes end with “P.S. I Love You Mommy“. It just doesn’t get any better than that.


2 comments on “The fun things you find when packing for the move

  1. I can’t wait to read more. Did you get MiniRed to do any packing?

    No packing from her yet but there have been numerous promises after I told her the moving company was coming on Friday for and estimate and they would need to see her closet. -Red

  2. […] guess I’ve always known my memory is bad and must be why I write things down. For example all the cute things Mini Red did that I wrote anywhere and I’m finding all over the place now.  I guess I should get […]

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