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The big change

I’m talking changing your mobile number.

I swear changing your cell phone number is harder than moving your residence.

I have finally succumbed and accepted a work blackberry.  I’ve been carrying two phones for a few weeks and it is driving me crazy. I’m scaling down and getting rid of Mini Red‘s phone and passing her my old phone. This will save me boocoo bucks.

The downside is I won’t have a camera with me at all!  I guess that will be a downside for my loyal readers too.I’ve been going through numbers and I find it all very interesting.  There are numbers that are easily deleted and there are numbers I want to keep but no real reason to notify those people of the change.  Trying to let people know is the most difficult part.  At least my old number will be with Mini Red and she can forward people to me.

I guess this all makes me sound very popular huh?  Really… I’m not.  Haha

There really should be a service that notifies people of the change the way the Postal Service does.

One comment on “The big change

  1. I think there is a service out there that notifies people of updated contact information… I’ve gotten email updates from it before, but I’ll be damned if I can remember its name. Sorry, Red. I’m really no help at all 🙂

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