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Last week I was in a class for three days doing some serious studying so I could pass my ITIL Foundations Certification.

When I first started with this company back in December that was one of the first things I heard about.  “The ITIL Way” was new to me back then.  So I took the course early on and I had two things working against me then.  I was brand, spanking, new to this HUGE company and I was horribly sick for my first two months here.  This was when I first tried to learn ITIL.  so I’m sure you can guess how that all went.  Evidently, I wasn’t the first to take the course and not pass.  I was devastated none-the-less.

Work has been extremely busy since then and I was finally able to sign up to take the course again… Last week.  I definitely understand all the concepts of “The ITIL Way” but taking tests is not my fortay plus this exam comes from the UK and their word choices aren’t exactly like ours.

The first day of classes was a bit frustrating and nerve wracking but the instructor assured us it would all come together by the second day.  Both nights I studied and worked on memorization but the second night Minnie Red had gotten herself into a heap of trouble.  I had already taken the TV from her room because I really don’t see the purpose plus its a distraction.  Last Wednesday I took her computer and her cell phone.  The purpose for the phone is when she visits her Dad and I had been warning her that she could lose it if she doesn’t shape up.

Losing the cell phone left her wailing like a banshee.  I maintained my cool for a while but my breaking point hit especially because she was keeping me from studying.  My redhead temper came out… Oye!  Unfortunately, it didn’t scare her because in the apartment I won’t yell like I might in the car and believe me I can yell.

Minnie Red is just being a typical teenager and I’m not going to continue with some of the silliness she is bringing. Mom is taking her down a notch or at least trying because she is one STUBBORN girl.

So come Thursday morning I was tired and hadn’t done my practice test.  I figured I was doomed to fail.  I got to the classroom and promptly took the practice exam cold.  Passed!  Not by a lot but it was passing.  class started for the day and by noon we took a second exam… Passed!  Still not by a lot but slightly better than the first exam.  By one thirty the proctor arrive to administer the exam and by two we were working it out.  I didn’t take the full hour for the 40 question exam and nervously turned it in.

I couldn’t help but worry what would happen if I didn’t pass this time.  I hadn’t heard of anyone going back for a third time.

Today the email came with my results:


Thank goodness!

I can’t tell you what a relief that is and I did better than I had done on either of the practice exams.  So I am now ITIL Certified but I like to just say I’m Certifiable.


One comment on “Certifiable!

  1. Congratulations Red!! I have the utmost confidence you can achieve anything you set your mind to! What pray tell is the ITIL way? Enquiring minds want to know.

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