Go Chicago Cubs!! but don’t use Stub Hub to get your tickets

Nicole and Louis are FINALLY getting married this weekend after being together for 6 years and engaged for three.

Anyone that has ever planned a wedding let alone just been in a wedding knows how stressful it can be.  The stress doubles when a good portion of the people attending the wedding are coming from out of town.  The weekend has been planned and everyone is excited for all the events. 

One of the biggest events planned, besides the wedding itself, is The Cubs game on Friday.  I know I have been dying to get to Wrigley Field and right now The Cubs are doing so well.  I hate to note that our two local teams, Nationals and Orioles, aren’t doing nearly as well this year.  The game should be exciting.

Except…. for the big OOPS!

Last night Nicole was working on the welcome bags for the out-of-towners, the wedding date (August 31st) is all over them.  She switched gears to go purchase The Cubs tickets for Friday and when the confirmation page came up she nearly had a heart attack.  She inadvertently purchase $1400 worth of Cubs tickets for the date, and time, of her Wedding. 

Her stress level is already at an all time high and this was not what she needed.  So Louis walks in right at that moment and rather than panic he handles it very calmly.  I guess I should mention they are also paying for their wedding.  They immediately send an urgent email to Stub Hub and Louis called first thing this morning.  Stub Hub tells them “Too bad so sad we can’t help you.”

UNBELIEVABLE!  They won’t even switch the day for them.  For heavens sake it’s $1400 and it not like they would be out the money…. They just needed the tickets for a different day.

So as you can imagine the stress level has raised to Threatcon Orange.  The emails are flying around Chicago to see if they can sell the tickets.

My co-worker suggested I send an email to The Cubs so I did.  Not sure what they can do but they should be aware of these practices of Stub Hub.  I’m just amazed that in this day and age companies can be so rigid and money hungry.

I had never heard of Stub Hub before but that is a company I would rather not deal with.  Would you?

2 comments on “Go Chicago Cubs!! but don’t use Stub Hub to get your tickets

  1. Actually I think you misunderstand what Stub Hub is all about. It does not sell the tickets, but basically acts as a middle man between people buying and selling and guarantees the legitimacy of the tickets (sort of like a cross between Craig’s List and Ebay). Thus when your friend bought them she bought them from one or more people selling. I don’t think there is a cooling off period. The best your friends could do is try to sell the tickets on Stub Hub themselves and buy something for the day they want (maybe in that order so as not to be out twice the money). As an aside a colleague from work bought some tickets a while back on Stub Hub for a concert to Elton John for a group for her 40th bday. There was some kind of snafu caused by Stub Hub and they arranged for her to get floor seats far in excess of what she had spent and refunded her the money she had already spent. So I think they are an honorable company but are not in a position to undo sales transacted.

    Hope you enjoy Chitown and the Wrigley experience. I look forward to reading about it.

  2. I’ve used StubHub a bunch of times for tickets… it is a complete rip off (like 40% markup) and it’s actually more of like an Ebay or CL site, the tickets come from actual individual sellers, not StubHub themselves… so I guess they can’t go to an individual seller and be like, Oh hey, just kidding about that girl who bought almost $1500 in tickets from you!

    That being said, you can also SELL on StubHub… my boss just did that very same thing with Red Sox/Yankees tickets (bought them for the wrong day-$1600 worth) and I resold them for him so he could buy the ones he wanted. Lame, but at least there’s an out. (I would also suggest trying to sell them on CL or Ebay because the fees are less, I believe.)

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