Chaos and Mahem

Well that’s how my life feels lately.

August has been jam packed and it isn’t over yet.  The wedding in Chicago is this weekend and I haven’t even packed yet.  At least I did grab Mrs. M’s and my bridesmaid dresses and mailed them. Gawd I hope nothing goes wrong with that… I paid enough so it shouldn’t.

I finally replaced my running shoes.  I was having shin splints and finally realized the bottom of the shoe was almost worn through.  When I went in the store yesterday I got the distinct feeling the girl wanted to slap me.  I got the lecture on how I could have hurt myself and I have to look at the bottoms of the shoes once in a while.  Not sure when I’ll be getting out there to run again but I should be bouncing down the road with these new shoes.

Minnie Red started 8th grade today.  Jeeze!  I remember when she was in 6th grade and pointing out the 8th graders at the bus stop.  Now she’s one of them.  I took her shopping last night for an outfit for the first day of school.  She choose a mini skirt ensemble and I was happy to see she wore shorts underneath this morning.  I drove her to the bus stop and she promptly shooed me away because she is an 8th grader now and too cool to have Mom hanging around.

With any luck I’ll finish the video I’m making, for the Bride and Groom, tonight.  Then I’ll be able to plans some outfits and pack.  Mrs. M is already packed because she is just that together.

I’ve gotten more photos from the Birthday weekend and… They will not be posted. Ok well… Maybe one:

More has been written about the weekend and can be read here and here including a photo of Wesley Snipes taken at Seacrets.

See you in September.

2 comments on “Chaos and Mahem

  1. I remember when my son entered 6th grade and I saw the 8th graders who looked like giants compared to the 6th graders and wondered how he would survive and then some 6 years later there he is in a picture as a senior in hs with some 9th graders and he is the giant. Time flies. Enjoy the ride. And good luck to Mini Red!

  2. This weekend paled in comparison to the birthday bash. We put together furniture and then made a cornice box for the window in the bedroom. Granted, the cornice box will add to the value of the home, but geez I am tired. Not to mention that I’m doing Atkins and am just exhausted. How’s the wedding going?

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