I want these kind of nights at least three times a week.

I’m still reveling over all the fun I had this past weekend.  It was truly a wonderful time.

It was kinda funny when we were at Fager’s because I received an email from the married dude from about a month prior.  I was a bit drunk and happened to be at the same place we shook our groove thing together.  The funny thing is dancing with him was amazing and no one this past weekend could hold a candle to him but this chick doesn’t deal with married dudes and I’m even swearing off separated guys. 

Well… right now I’m just not worrying about dating at all.  Back in June I happened to talk to an old boyfriend who was at a point in his life where he just wanted to hang out with people.  He is so right!  I want to hang out with people and meet new people… All kinds of people.  Even a woman I work with today was saying her friends are freaks and I said, “Hey, let’s hang out!”  So we are pulling together everyone we know to meet up at the Maryland Renaissance Festival during Scottish Weekend… On Sunday September 14th.  Come meet us at the White Hart Tavern.

So this week my friend JB is in town and he hasn’t been here for two years.  I ended up in Old Town on Monday and got to see him.  Imagine not seeing one of your best girlfriends for two years.  I swear if he lived on East coast or I lived on the West coast we would probably be hanging out all the time and I mean drinking and watching our favorite shows.  He’s just so easy to hang out with like when we were in Trader Joe’s and I was perusing the wines, he came up behind me and grabbed my back.  I didn’t flinch and he says, “Awww I wanted to scare you.”

I said, “I’m used to people touching me… A lot, lately.”

What was really funny was this woman standing near by watching us.  I could see out of the corner of my eye she was laughing and having fun with it all.

Tuesday, Mrs. M and I picked up our bridesmaids dresses and it was much better than than I expected and they fixed it so I’ll be able to keep the pups in check.  I was then able to pick up this HOT top I was eyeing and for half off.  Woohoo!

Tonight I met up with JB, Shortie and PSUAcoustician.  This is such a great group of people and we would get to laughing so hard I’m sure we were disturbing people in the restaurant.  JB treated me to dinner but when I pulled out my change purse, to offer the tip, he started his incredible infectious laugh.  I knew exactly why he was laughing and I’m amazed I had never noticed it before.  My change purse is kinda squishy and ball-sac like.

Then he said it… The thing that had him really cracking up:

“It’s Chubby

… And this was after he felt my Sasquatch Patch… The hairy patch I missed on my leg when shaving this morning.  One day growth hairy!  He couldn’t decide which was funnier: The term Sasquatch Patch or the fact that I was the only one who could feel the hair.

JB is leaving tomorrow and I’m very sad.  It wasn’t nearly enough time.  Too bad he didn’t arrive early enough to hang with us at the beach. 

Please know how much you mean to me and I’m happy you are in my life.  Maybe Minnie Red and I should move to San Diego?  I’d finally get to meet your better half and maybe we could rent a room from you?


2 comments on “I want these kind of nights at least three times a week.

  1. I had JB out to see me first!!! 😛

    I still think you need to come out to denver and hang out chica.

  2. Damn, I’ll be at the White Hart on Saturday the 13th! I’ll leave you a note on the Stag’s antlers.

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