A Photo Post from the Birthday Weekend

It was Friday, the crew have all arrived and we were ready to begin the evening’s festivities at Fager’s Island. Notice the cups and I’m already drunk and wearing lipstick even.

I’ve decided to help with Nicole’s Bachlorette missions so I climbed on the platform with her to do the pole dancing.  Notice the cup?

I don’t know why I’m making that face and I vaguely remember the flower in my hair.  Oh and that’s Colton… One of the Lacrosse Boys. Notice the cup?

I’m over heated from dancing and trying to use the glow necklace they gave us as a headband. 

Saturday afternoon at Seacrets and drinking again.  The drinking was the only thing helping us feel better after the previous evening. Notice the cups?

These people were nice enough to offer us their table so I took a photo op and he decided to show off his tattoo. I gave them a cup.

The cousins arrived and bought me some shots.  We tried to get a family photo but Pink Shorts dude wanted in on the photo.

When he heard it was my 40th Birthday he said, “You need a 21 yr old to just JACK HAMMER you!”  Then he did his impression of a jack hammer.  We took a picture together before one of the cousins ran him off. Ends up Sis knows him but he did not get a cup.

We finally got the family photo.

Mrs. M and I left Seacrets early and missed Wesley Snipes but we had good reason… Crabs! 

We pre-ordered the crabs which meant there was a specified time to pick them up.  We also did the set up so everyone could cop a squat and pick the crabs as soon as they got back from Seacrets.  Here I’m doing my best Vanna White impression before dropping the crab down the front of me and covering me in Old Bay. 

We cleaned up and headed back to Seacrets.  In the midst of it all we stopped to watch Phelps win yet another Gold Medal.  People were yelling and screaming and it was all so exciting but I’m just getting my hearing back.

Our evening at Seacrets was another fun night except for when I gave them a scare when I disappeared.  I was being lead out of Seacrets to a cooler spot with my dance partner but I refused to leave.  We found a quiet spot and hung out.  I was drunk off my ass but still had my wits about me… somewhat.  I think my goal was to scare him off by biting him but he bit me back. Imelda soon found me and I feared she would kick his ass.  I don’t think he was too happy when I left.  Sorry dude… It was fun while it lasted but at least you got a cup.

I was promptly sent home probably for fear of what I would do next.  It didn’t take me long to get into bed but I was up about an hour later when I noticed there was more than just Sis and I in the bed.  Motz, Shortie and Nicole had climbed in too.  It was cozy but Motz was trying to get Sis to take her earrings out for her.  Poor Motz had the worst hangover the next day.  It seems the pizza at Seacrets did her in.  At least Liz was there to help a Sistah out.

There are still more pictures on the way but not sure what I will be able to post.  There is a lot of imcriminating evidence of yours truly acting the fool.  Oh yes even more than what I have posted here.

To everyone that that came I can’t thank you enough for such an amazing weekend.  I’m beginning to think we should do this every year.

4 comments on “A Photo Post from the Birthday Weekend

  1. Oh, the money I would have paid to have been a fly on that wall.

    It was definitely interesting and you have heard more than most. – Red

  2. Ha! Well, at least no one was arrested…no one was arrested, right?

    Not arrested! Thank goodness! Plus only one night where one person tossed cookies. Success!!! – Red

  3. Happy Birthday Red!
    Glad you had such a great time.

  4. I promise I will get the pictures corrected and all the girls will get to see.

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