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Still trying to piece together last night

Seems yours truly got TRASHED last night.

We started at Macky’s.  Mom said to be sure to let Danny know it’s my birthday weekend and to give him some cups.  I guess I should mention that Sis got 100 cups that say it’s my 40th birthday and they have my url.

Shortie and I shared a Bucket of Orange Crush.  There were Miller Lite Girls offering to buy our second round of Miller Lite.  I gave them each a cup in the end they gave me a cooler and I found 9 whistles in the pocket.  All of us wore them for the rest of the night, which made us very annoying.

After Macky’s we came back and showered and got ready to head out again.  Our last two arrived and we… I mean at least I was already getting my drink on… Cranberry Vodka.

When Sis arrived she expressed her concern for me because the Cranberry Vodka is what I was drinking when I got puking trashed at the DMB concert years before.  Well… Last night I wasn’t puking trashed but slurring trashed.

We headed over to Fager’s and the line was incredible. One of the girls went to the front and told them we had a combination bachelorette and 40th birthday party.  They pulled us all into another area and got all the details.  The bachelorette and I got in for free… The others got discounts and they gave us tasks to complete.  They had it together and I was pleasantly surprised by it all.  We then walked in ahead of everyone.

The stories I’m hearing and the photos I’m seeing are a bit scary.  Tongue contests and the dancing… Oh my the dancing.  I was under the impression that the more I danced the faster this alcohol would wear off and then maybe I could see straight again.

Evidently, I was dancing with someone but I thought I was dancing with everyone out there.  Oh and there was the lacrosse team…  Oye!  I think I should stop there.

Everyone is very concerned about what I’m typing right now.

By the end of the night I was good and the slurring stopped. As we were about to walk back into the condo I noticed them.  I went running and they were all wondering who these young’uns were I was hugging.  It was my cousins!  They were on their way back from Seacrets.  They will be meeting up with all of us back at Seacrets this afternoon.

So we all made it back safe and sound.  It was 3am and the condo was silent as I climbed into bed.  I couldn’t believe that a condo filled with 9 women could be so quiet.  I guess everyone just passed out.

Oh what a night!

One comment on “Still trying to piece together last night

  1. What are the chances those pictures will get posted???

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