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The party’s almost over… Oh Wait! It’s just the calm before the storm.

My vacation is at an end tomorrow.  All week it’s been The Folks, Sis, Minnie Red and I.  Viper arrived Friday night and here it is Saturday morning and suddenly everyone is scurring.

The King is coming! The King is coming!

The final baby proofing is going on… and I’m sitting here writing but I did my part.  So Brotha-Man, SIL and The King are about an hour away.  This brings our count to 8.

But wait there’s more.

My Aunt and Uncle are driving down with their motorcycle group.  They’re gonna break off and meet up with us after lunch.  My Uncle has never met Viper and so when he heard Viper was here he knew he had to stop by. This brings us to 10.

But still… there’s more.

Sis has some friends in town and Brotha-Man’s bud, Seal, is also in town. Sounds like there will be a trip over to Seacrets this afternoon.  I’m sure we’ll see even more of their friends over there.

Monday I’ll be back at work… Uggggh.  Only for three days though.  Two of the Chicago girls are flying in late Wednesday and we are trekking back down here on Thursday.  There will be 10 of us in total.  I can’t wait!  What I can wait for is my birthday.  I will just pretend it’s not happening.

I’m sure there will be some stories or pictures to come out of today’s events.  I will be sure to keep you post as usual.

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