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Vacation Wednesday

Dad, Sis and I walked the boards this morning.  The boards were packed and it was the hottest I think I have ever experienced it out there.  I was soaked by the time we got back. 

During our walk we heard this huge BOOM!  Dad said it sounded like a plane breaking the sound barrier.  I thought that was odd but he said they would hear that often when he was a young’un.  When we got back Mom was worried something happened under the building but ends up she heard the same thing.  It will probably be a few weeks before we ever figure out what that could have been.

The Fam has decided to invade my cousin and his family in Dewey but I stayed back with plans to meet up with them later.  I took a nap and then headed up to the beach, which was packed and extremely hot.  It didn’t take long before my knee caps were sweating and I was ready to climb into the ocean.

The ocean was very calm and beautiful and the sky is clear.  I walked right in but only got about half way.  A small wave hit right at stomach level and OOOOOHHHHHHHHH Crrraaaapppppp!  That is COLD!  I was cooled off and didn’t need to go any further.  I wasn’t expecting it to be that cold so when it hit the stomach I thought I might toss my cookies.  So I turned and walked out and another little wave hit me and I couldn’t get back to my chair fast enough.

Next time I won’t go in so fast.

Today Seacrets is offering no cover and $2.25 drafts all day with fireworks tonight.  I’ll be heading out soon to meet up with the family in Dewey.  The Island Boys will be playing at The Rudder at 4 and The Island Boys are a favorite of Dad’s.

I know I’m in vacation mode because I haven’t made my bed, and neither has Minnie Red, and I’m not going crazy over it.  Back home I can’t go on with my day unless my bed is made, I’m neurotic about it.

Well… I gotta go, The Island Boys are waiting for me.  See ya!

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