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It’s Mom’s Birthday!

For the love… The alarm on my phone went off at 5:30 this morning.  That won’t happen again.

I did get up two hours later and went for a run.  All-in-all I only did 40 blocks but something is better than nothing.

By the time I got back Dad had cooked up the bacon and they wanted me to fix the eggs for Mom’s birthday breakfast of egg and bacon sandwiches.

Next… Crabbing in the secret spot on St. Martin’s river.  Sis and Mom arrived by wave runner and Minnie Red and I drove with Dad.  I haven’t been on the wave runner for almost a month now and for some reason getting a little nervous about it.  I hopped on with Sis and she quickly put me at ease.  The water was real calm and quiet so I think that helped a lot.  The last few times were real choppy and I’m afraid of falling off especially with the amount of jelly fish around.

Well… Only two legal size crabs were caught.  Minnie Red named them Bob and Billy.  This was one more than we caught last year.

Next stop… Macky’s and I tried a new drink… The Mojo Rumba.


Now it’s time for a nap before we take Mom Parasailing and the crabs will be steamed and ready by 6:30. If you’re ever in OC the best place for crabs is On The Bay Seafood.

Today is also a momentous day since I have just reserved my room for the vacation in Belize in February.  I have my own Ocean Side Cabana and looking for a roommate… Anyone interested?  Hahaha

One comment on “It’s Mom’s Birthday!

  1. Really, you want a roomie for that? You don’t want to enjoy life without people? Belize….that is almost as good as Atlantis for Christmas. 🙂

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