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I had the Vacation song by the Go-Go’s stuck in my head but the video really was somewhat depressing cause you know “I ain’t thinking of you“.  So then I went in search of a video of the “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N” song by Connie Francis, I believe, yeah I wasn’t feeling that one either.

Anywho, This chick is in serious need of a vacation.  I didn’t leave as early as I would have liked this morning but a stomach issue keeping me up the night before didn’t help.

When I got here I got sight of the room I’m sharing with Minnie Red and even though she cleaned  before I got here it was still HORRIBLE.  There was just no room for me AT ALL because of all her stuff… Everywhere.   I know she tried but the line of shoes in the middle of the room was making me crazy not to mention a chip bag in the corner.  Oh Hell to the Na!  Food is not allowed in any bedroom… Only a glass of water. 

I was on vacation physically but mentally I just wasn’t there yet.  The Folks, Sis and Minnie Red went on the beach and I wanted to but just couldn’t.  I did take a nap and clean the sheets and clean the room.  Still I couldn’t help but feel I needed to just leave.  We then headed to the White Marlin Open, found free parking and after two beers I think I was finally feeling it… V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!

We headed back and Minne Red headed back to the condo and The Folks, Sis and I tried to get in on the tale end of Happy Hour at Macky’s.  Oh my, that was such a huge help for mentally getting on vacation.  There were no buckets for me but three Blue Moons… I think it was three… Really helped.  I kicked Dad’s butt in Chinese Checkers when we got back and watched the Sun-Set with Minnie Red, Sis and Dad.

I am now ready for ni-ni (a/k/a night-night).  Tomorrow is Mom’s birthday.  I will make the eggs and Dad will put the sandwiches together for her breakfast and she seems excited about that.  3:30 pm will be her reservation for Parasailing and the crabs that Sis and I are taking care of will be after the Parasailing.  Damn!  I think I’m more excited about Mom’s birthday than she is. 

This is gonna be a good vacation now that I’m finally in that mode.

Oh and if you were wondering… We saw them bring in a Blue Marlin.  The requirements for the Blue Marlin is 105 inches long and over 500 lbs.  The boat that came in had caught a White Marlin and released it, which was evident by the White Marlin Flag on the boat flown upside down.  This same boat was flying a Blue Marlin Flag, right side up, which tells you they have a Blue Marlin on board.  The Blue Marlin tend to run three times the size of the White and are WAY more exciting to watch when they hang them up and weigh them. This boat, out of New York, had set their site on the Blue.  Word was, they had a Blue and it was 110 inches long.  The weight would have to wait til they docked.  Everyone flocked to the area where the boats pull in and the fish are offloaded and weighed.  The young dudes could be seen working the pulley and the tail of the Blue was finally seen.  The weight from the scale was visible to everyone and we all held our breath but the weight only went up to 436.5.  There was a collective sigh and we all knew the Blue was not a contender.

As we were all watching I couldn’t help but think how this could be taken in such a different way.  Imagine the fish standing on that boat, and all around, watching as a some human was yanked up by his feet and all the fish around cheered at the big human that was caught.

Anyhow, the MC went on to let eveyone know that all the fish caught would not be wasted in any way.  All fisherman donated the fish and they went to local shelters.

Hopefully, we will still go back to see more fish brought in.  Last year Sis, Minnie Red and I witnessed a 680 lb Blue come in.  It’s a different world there and I love to watch the people.  We saw a woman tonight that is the most tan I have ever seen any woman.  I swear she is darker than the black dude I work with.  On top of that she has blonde hair and it just didn’t look right.

I’m gonna go get some zzzz’s and hopefully I won’t be getting up too early.  This chick needs to relax big time.

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