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Be Still my Stomach

Anthony Bourdain… Just the name gets my heart racing and now I find out he has visited two of my favorite places in the last few weeks.

Photo taken in SE DC.

Photo taken in SE DC.

Eamonn’s:  I have written about this place before and I promise; you have never had better Fish n Chips anywhere else.  Evidently, Bourdain paid Eamonn’s a visit on July 19th.

So I did a little googling and seems he also paid a visit to another favorite of mine… El Pollo Rico in Arlington.  Couldn’t be the Wheaton one, which I think is cursed, since the arrests and then burning down.  By the way El Pollo Rico will be opening again in a new location in Wheaton, where the Anchor Inn used to be.  I’ll try and keep you posted.

I can’t wait for this episode to air… Finally, Bourdain gets to taste some of Red‘s favorites.

One comment on “Be Still my Stomach

  1. I am also a big fan of Eamonn’s – my favorite place for a Saturday afternoon snack when I am on that side of the river.

    They tend to know me there but I haven’t been in a few months. I am, however, going after work today. I am sooooo EXCITED! Yeah I know big doofus here. – Red

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