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The Run

You don’t stand in front
of a mirror before a run… 

…and wonder what the road
will think of your outfit. 

  You don’t have to listen to its
jokes and pretend they’re funny.

It would not be easier to run
if you dressed sexier.

The road doesn’t notice
If you’re not wearing lipstick.    

It does not care
how old you are.

You do not feel

…because you make more
money than the road.    

And you can call on the road
Whenever you feel like it,

Whether it’s been a day…

…or even a couple of hours
since your last date.

The only thing
the road cares about…    

…is that you pay it a visit
once in a while.


If you’ve ever seen the movie “What Women Want” Then this might sound familiar.  This is the pitch that Nick (Mel Gibson) gives to Nike geared towards their campaign directed at women.  What he says here has stuck in my head since I began running.

This morning I went for a run and it’s been some time since I’ve run in the morning.  It’s so peaceful in the AM but difficult to get out of bed.  I don’t listen to music but rather listen to my breathing and the sound my feet make as they hit the pavement.  Everything is so still but sometimes it’s not.

This morning as I got to the bottom of a hill and started up the next I saw a deer, not to far away, chomping on the grass.  I didn’t want to disturb it but couldn’t help but whisper, “I see you“.  He popped his head up, with those huge antlers, and looked around.  I don’t think he saw me because he immediately went back to his peaceful meal.

I made it half way up the next hill, which is huge, and decided to walk for a bit.  I got to the next intersection in this neighborhood and was about to go left when I noticed them.  Two more deer in someone’s front lawn.  The yard was up a little hill and the deer noticed me.  All three of us stopped and I had to catch my breath just due to the sight of them.  They are HUGE and just magnificent looking!  I wondered what I should do and feared them coming towards me.  I could go in one of three different directions but these guys are bigger than me and it wouldn’t matter which direction I took.  After the bigger one and I gave each other a good stare I decided to continue in the direction I was headed.  I found it odd that I felt better walking on the curb now… As if that few inches could save me if I needed it too.  Well, I hadn’t walked but a few feet and they decided to take off into the back yard.  The one deer was amazing and again the antlers were just… Wow! 

I think I’m going to have to run in the morning more often.

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