Another Beach Weekend but no Buckets for Red this time

I arrived later than I would have liked on Friday but a little after 6 isn’t bad. 

The Moms, Mine and Viper’s, had already been to Happy Hour at Macky’s but no buckets for them.  The Dads, Mine and Viper’s, were golfing and didn’t get back til sometime after 7pm.  Sis, Viper and Meg came through the door about 8pm.

By the time they had all arrived I had taken quite a few pulls off the kegerator.  I don’t really know how many but I lost count after 6… I think it was 6.  So when they were ready to hit Macky’s I had to bail.  Sis Viper, Meg and Mr. Viper headed over to see what it was like after Happy Hour.  This chick hit the pillow and I was O-U-T, out.  I never even heard them come in. 

Saturday was a full day.  The majority of the group took turns on the wave runner then lunch at Macky’s on the beach.  I started drinking before noon but since it was on the beach it was ok, right?  Some of us then hit the beach for a few hours and it was all we could do to calm Viper down since he was itching to get over to Seacrets and introduce his parents to that scene.

I love to see what people wear when they go out and especially when they come walking into Seacrets.  The Mom’s had showered where as Sis, Viper and Meg just threw something over their suits.  I changed out of my bathing suit since it’s a once piece and put on my shortish shorts and a tank cause it was gonna be hot over there.  Plus if I drank as much as I was hoping to I was gonna need to pee and a one-piece is not your friend in that scenario.

Dad had gotten their first and he has a way of always getting us a table and usually a good one too.  We had good seats and definitely got a great view of all the interesting characters.  There were several interesting mullets but my camera only captured one.  Luckily enough it also caught Mom’s favorite regular… “Teacher“.

But the mullet wasn’t bad compared to the guy Mom named “Lewd Dude“.  We noticed him leaning both elbows on one of the tables as he was thrusting his pelvis.  Yes he was standing there all alone looking like he was ready to jump the table or any thing that passed him for that matter.  When he got really going he rolled up his shorts and started strutting like the beach was his stage.  Sis grabbed my camera and got some interesting shots.


He pulls this chick up there with him and… Well… I don’t know what he was doing but notice the bills in his shorts.  Oh and did you notice he is wearing goggles. WTF???

You definitely get to see all walks of life at Seacrets and you get to see them drunk.  Drunk in the early afternoon, in the late afternoon, early evening and late evening.  I love seeing the people with the tattoo’s.  Most are awful but here is an interesting couple.  There is nothing half-assed about their tattoos.

The funny thing about the beach is how you can leave your stuff and walk away and feel secure that no one will steal it.  The same goes at Seacrets especially with the shoes.

Seacrets was a blast as usual.  Later in the evening when we were on the balcony we watched as some chick bit the pavement.  When she finally got up she proceeded to puke all over herself as her friends tried to walk her down the street.

I never did get any buckets this past weekend but in two weeks I will have a week in OC and I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity for buckets.  In sitting down and looking at my calendar I can see how crazy things are getting but not work wise.

This weekend there is Kings Dominion with my company and the Reggae Festival on Sunday.  I can’t believe it’s the end of July already.  Minnie Red is off to the beach this weekend and won’t be back til mid-August before she is off to her Dad’s and… Oh my she won’t be home til late August just before School starts.  I will have my week at the beach during the White Marlin Tournament.  I love watching them bring those fish in. 

I’ll be back for less than a week before I’m back at the beach with the girls.  There will be 10 of us celebrating… Us and it happens to be when Yours Trulyturns 40 and if you’ve read for a while you know I’m not happy about turning 40.  The weekend promises to be outstanding and I’m not even afraid of Imelda’s threats to get me trashed and connect my dots.  That’s because my dots are already connected so no fun there.  I am so excited about this weekend The Chicago Girls are flying in plus there will be Sis, Squirrely Gurl, Mrs. M and Shortie to name a few.  All people I have been known to get into trouble with or rather they get me into trouble.

So if that isn’t enough I will be spending Labor Day weekend in Chicago.  Nicole and Louie are finally tying the knot and Mrs. M and I are in the wedding.

So there you have it my summer is OVER.  I think I’m gonna cry except for… It isn’t really over and I just can’t wait to experience it all.

2 comments on “Another Beach Weekend but no Buckets for Red this time

  1. Seriously, images of Lewd Dude not appreciated. I just had dinner for chissakes.

    I can’t help when you decide to read. I thought you people come here for the picture I paint for you and sometimes that requires photos. Pictures were necessary for Lewd Dude… For my sake. Because that might have been painful to describe him in detail. Next time I’ll get some pics of the hot chicks in the teeny bikinis, ok? – Red

  2. A little warning is all I ask.

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