The Woman at seacrets tells me

We were talking about freckles and our fair skin and she says to me:

Honey!  No man has had a real woman til he’s had a woman with freckles on her tits!”


4 comments on “The Woman at seacrets tells me

  1. I can see myself being so creative with tits full of freckles….

    I think you are all talk – Red

  2. You can play connect the dots, but I’m certain that isn’t what you had in mind.

    I can’t help but think that connect the dots would then look like a boob covered in ink. Unless it’s done with… Well maybe I shouldn’t go there – Red

  3. Now that’s interesting. Never quite thought o’ that….

    Stick with me and I’ll try to get more interesting tidbits like this for you – Red

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