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More Buckets coming my way

I WILL leave for the beach early this Friday!  I will, I will, I will.

This weekend Minnie Red is off to her Dad’s and I will be hitting the beach, again, with The Folks, Sis, Viper and his parents.  I don’t even care that I’ll be the 7th wheel because everyone is cool which is evident by my conversation with Viper this afternoon.

Viper: ready to party this weekend?
Red: Wahoo
Viper: no working!!!
Red: Whaaa
Viper: you are not permitted to work this weekend
Red: Says you?
Viper: i read your blog
  you working too much = bucket time
  we make our own “bucket list” , of different buckets we have to drink.
 Red: No working for me
  I need more buckets

Viper: same
  buckets it is. my dad psyched to try one
 Red: I will be there in time for hh on Friday

No worries Viper… Imelda has put down her foot and warned all of us not to work this weekend.  I’m sure I’ll be sending her lots of pics of me and my drinks.

By the time Viper and Sis arrive at the beach I will be buzzing with The Folks and The Viper Folks.  The weekend is sure to have some stories.  Oh and if you haven’t gotten it the two sets of Folks are hanging out more now that Viper and Sis are engaged.

If you’re in The OC this weekend keep an eye out for us at Mackey’s and Seacrets.  Oh and be sure to say hi.

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