The Buckets Multiply

So the crazy work week is done and Minnie Red and I have hitched a ride to the beach with The Folks.  We didn’t leave til 9pm on Friday but at least I don’t have to pay for the gas.

Minnie Red and I both slept in til 10 Saturday morning.  That is very unusual for me but I guess I needed it. I may have slept in but I’m not feeling 100%.  I am trying my best to shake off the stress in my neck but it won’t go away so fast. 

Oh yeah and the MRI I had Friday morning didn’t help anything either.  I don’t think I will ever do a closed MRI again.  Then again I’m hoping it will be a long while before another one is needed.  At least I went in the tube thing feet first but my arms were above my head and I had to do some heavy breathing to calm myself down.  I didn’t want to let on that I was uncomfortable but since I could see out the end of the tube that made it easier.  Every time I was nudged this way or that way I would have to do some heavy breathing because it was becoming more and more difficult to see the end (outside) of the tube.  I tried closing my eyes but my brain would then call me a Pansy and dare me to open them and see the close quarters I was in.

I couldn’t help but think about those movies about traveling in space and being in some closed tube in hyper-sleep.  What if you woke up and there were malfunctions and you couldn’t slide out of the tube that was holding you in the hyper-sleep.  Then what if the oxygen stopped flowing into the hyper-sleep chamber.  You wouldn’t even be able to move your arms to get yourself out of there.  You would be totally controlled by the machinery of that ship you were in. Plus if it decided to turn on you like HAL from 2001 you would really be screwed. THAT would be terrifying.  I don’t think I will ever do that space travel stuff… When we get to that point, of course.

So, anyhow, the goal of this weekend is to just chill myself out.  Minnie Red and I headed up on the beach while The Folks when out on the wave runner.  It was a perfect beach day with just the right amount of sun along with a perfect breeze.  The only problem is the rip current was off da hook.  The Lifeguards were definitely on their toes since, evidently, they could see the rip current and would then blow their whistle at whoever they could see was about to be caught.  They would then direct them which way to swim to help them get out of it.  The funny thing is most of the people would ignore the Lifeguards.  That water may have been rough but the waves were big and absolutely beautiful.

I couldn’t bring myself to sleep let alone read due to all the fabulous sites.  People are so fascinating to watch.  For example, several weekends ago Shortie and I were on the beach and this rather large woman had on shorts that said “Cheereader” across the butt.  Something seemed to be missing and it took us a few minutes to realize the “L” was lost in her crack.  Today there were so many people and they all love to strut their stuff and take walks down the beach e.g. the two women with the feathered hair and cowboy hats looking like Sissy from “Urban Cowboy“.

We came back and hit the pool and Minnie Red was tickled pink I got in.  We threw the ball and played with some of the other kids.  I think Minnie Red really had fun.  I let her hang out at the pool while I headed back to do laundry and take a nap.  The Folks were already napping and it seemed like a good idea.

I still didn’t feel 100% after the nap but figured sharing a Bucket with Mom’s at Macky’s would help.  Mom’s favorite bartender, Danny, was there and he makes the best Orange Crush Bucket’s.  I felt great after the first Bucket but felt the need for more.  Mom was a little skeptical but it didn’t take much to twist her arm and order another.  Besides Dad had finally showed and she was hoping he would help her.  When I placed the order with Danny he raised his eyebrow at me.  I said “I’m doing the bucket with Mom instead of Dad and I’m a better Bucket drinker than he his“.  The second Bucket was more difficult than the first but Minnie Red and I started playing one of those video games so I pushed the Bucket on Mom and Dad more.

As it got later more of the evening people were showing up such as this one Bachlorette Party.  Our Bucket caught their attention and we suggested they get the Orange Crush.  So they got three.

Minnie Red was anxious to hit the beach and practice her cartwheels so we didn’t stay at Macky’s much longer.  The plan was to practice cartwheels, walk up the beach, do the Maui Mini Golf and then walk back down the highway for Ice Cream at Dumser’s.

Minnie Red is having a real hard time doing the cartwheels and I’m not sure how to instruct her so I grabbed her legs and lifted her off the ground trying to give her an idea of how her legs should reach for the sky.  This did not go over so well and we both fell.  At this point she wanted me to just watch from afar but If I looked away or pulled out my phone she would charge me.  I finally got up and decided to show her how to do the cartwheel.  I thought I was too old for this  and I am but I can still do a cartwheel, especially after a few drinks.  There was a while there that I would do a cartwheel after a few drinks and I even did that on the streets of Adams Morgan once… Only once though.  I’ve learned my lesson on that, thank goodness.  I did several cartwheels and Minnie Red said I did have my legs straight and fully extend as they should be but it seems I temporarily hurt myself.  When you do a cartwheel you learn there are muscles down there that don’t get used on a daily basis.  Unless, of course, you do cartwheels everyday.

So Minnie Red and I were not agreeing on this cartwheel stuff and next thing I know we were wrestling on the beach and Mom was kicking her young butt.  It must have been a sight cause then I took off and she couldn’t keep up until I stopped to let her catch up.  We were both giggling and having a good time together.  It was very much needed after the past few crazy weeks.  We walked up the beach to 58th street and headed over to the Maui Mini Golf.  At first she was kicking my butt until she kept hollering for mulligans and of course I gave in.  In the end I kicked her sand covered butt as I should cause I am MOMMA RED!

We walked down to Dumser’s for some much deserved ice cream.  On this walk is when I realized how much sand I still have allover me.  I even found it down between my boobs.  I thinks the cars driving by enjoyed the sight of me finding sand down there as I walked down Coastal Highway.  We got to Dumsers, still covered in sand,  and we always get the same thing… soft serve ice cream.  She gets the chocolate and I get the mix of chocolate and vanilla.  We made a bit of a mess but it was the perfect end to a perfect day. 

Now all I have to do is hop in the shower and get this sand off me so I can hit the hay.


2 comments on “The Buckets Multiply

  1. Beach Buckets of booze = $40
    Not having to pay for gas, doing slightly buzzed cartwheels on the beach, wrestling with Mini Red, and providing free perfomance art as you wash away sand – priceless.

    Glad you had a good weekend.

    I think that sums it up! Awesome! – Red

  2. Cartwheels…you must be pretty flexible.

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