In March I got the Pearl and realized a little too late that I just don’t like it.  Everything about it is just too small and I can’t see anything on there.  Not on the key pad and not on the screen. Don’t get me started on how much I pay for the internet on this thing and I couldn’t even check my flights when I was travelling.

Verizon has always been good to me especially after Nextel (now Sprint) where every call was dropped.  The service area for Verizon is good too and I can be on the phone when on the Metro. 


I’m rarely on the Metro and AT&T has definitely stepped up their game.  Plus the prices are better and I love the rollover minutes.

So I talked to Verizon today and got the skinny on my current situation with them.  Looks like I’ve figured out how to get what I want, but not until about mid September.  I then sat down with Minnie Red and we have put some deals into place.  Seems she wants and iPhone too but she is gonna have to work and save her money.  I have also given her some incentives and ways to get more outta me on this deal.  We will see how it goes.  I’m anxious to she how hard Minnie Red works to get what she wants.  That’s almost better than me getting my iPhone.

I don’t seem to usually get what I want but if I’m patient then I guess it will all work out… I hope.

2 comments on “I WANT! I WANT! I WANT!

  1. OK Red, What would you like? And let’s see how we might go about helping you get it for a change.

    Wow! I like this! Reading this put a smile on my face. How ya been Jeremy? – Red

  2. ohhh red’s getting an iphone.. nice move especially with the newer models and price drop.

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