Relax, Cool Red

Ok so I wrote about how last week sucked and this week hasn’t been much better.

Waa waa waaaaa

I know, “Stop being a Fuckin Pansy Red!

Work has just been off the hook and lemme tell ya all about it.

I was not looking forward to work on Monday and was trying to think of a good reason why I didn’t work Saturday or Sunday.  That was until I thought of the perfect excuse… It’s was the freaking weekend!  I woke up Monday morning with a headache and took some Excedrin. Nothing unusual there.

When I got to the office I found a present from Imelda.  She is the best Boss and knows each of us so well.

After working a few hours I realized I couldn’t see what I was typing because of the kaleidoscope type floaters I was experiencing.  Oh shit!  This meant the headache was turning into a migraine and I didn’t have time for this because we have a deadline.  I took a little something for the floaters and they went away but then I was having trouble speaking.  It was like being drunk when you are trying to tell a story and realize you are getting strange looks because no one can understand what the hell you are saying.  Then you realize you are having some serious dyslexia of the mouth/brain and this isn’t as fun as being drunk.

Finally, I was feeling a little better and went off to lunch with the work crew.  The floaters came back at lunch and I was able to push them away again.  Until they came back again with the speech issue and nausea this time.  Now I was just hoping it would pass for a short while so I could get home.  I literally ran out of work the first chance I had.

This week was not starting off well but at least no more migraines.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were some awful hours of more data scrubbing.  I think I’m gonna go blind and I’m sure I have carpel tunnel in my entire right arm.  In the midst of this Imelda had a birthday and got all grumpy about it until I reminded her I’m older.  Some of the people on our team are amazing and did some amazing work on her cube which now has a moat, a bridge, a tower and pink toile everywhere.  Along with that she received a beverage of one sort or another representing each of us, e.g. O’Douls from the Intern because he’s too young to drink alcohol.  If you’ve read any of Chelsea Handler’s books you will understand my drink to Imelda.

Oh and Imelda’s Hubby hates me for passing forward the Chelsea books, of which the first one is titled “My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands.  For some reason he thinks I’m a bad influence on her.  Helllloooo who is forever sending me pictures of herself with all sorts of alcoholic drinks???  Ummmm… Imelda!!

What her Hubby fails to realize is that Imelda is Chelsea Handler’s married doppelganger. Imelda is the bad influence on me and it’s probably a good thing we don’t live closer to each other.  Although she has been stepping up her efforts to get me to move to Hagerstown and been sending me notices of homes for sale.

This week has also meant my car back in the shop and more money outta my pocket.  Hellllooo where’s my drink?

There has been something good in this awful week, besides the fact that it’s almost over.  I took a little time today to hang with Mom and Sis while Sis tried on wedding dresses.  She was just amazing looking!  My leetle sister looked like a Beautiful Woman!  Mom was having a hard time and was looking a little verclempt.  We then checked out the bridesmaid dresses.  Ugggh!  I hate this part because it involves me but a dress was found and I wouldn’t try it on so Sis did and she looked great.  I figured it would look awful on me since Sis and I couldn’t be more different and I figured my boobs wouldn’t fit in that dress, but I tried it and it looked really good on me too!  Mom did suggest I get a breast reduction but I will opt for more fabric in that area instead.  Who knows what Sis will decide but it was some nice bonding time for the three of us.

So at this point I have worked over 40 hrs this week.  I just need to get through tomorrow and get my toucas back to the beach, which should be easier now that I’m not scared to drive my car. 

I do have to send out a big thanks to two special guys… Ben Harper and John Legend.  You two have been the biggest help in getting me through all this data scrubbing with my sanity still somewhat intact and without any alcohol.


2 comments on “Relax, Cool Red

  1. I was doing some random blog surfing and came across yours. I like your work; and champagne always makes a bad day / week better. One more day.

  2. I read Chelsea’s book; it was really funny.

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