To be honest… its been a crap week

Last weekend was spent at the convent visiting Aunt Dot.  Now don’t get me wrong or call me some bad person because I HATE being at the convent.  I fully understand that it makes Aunt Dot happy and even though I81 is a beautiful… The other drivers are not.  I would rather be at the beach either sleeping or drinking.

I took Aunt Dot all sorts of things that put a smile on her face and Minnie Red and I stayed by her side from the time we arrived until we left.  We attended two masses with her and names have been placed in The Book, of people the nuns pray for, as requested and for my own good.  We almost saw a few nun fights, which made the trip well worth it.  Nothing like seeing some really old religious chicks threatening to punch or shoot each other, especially when they can barely walk or not walk at all for that matter.

By the time I got to work Monday morning my body was hurting due to the uncomfortable sleeping conditions at the convent, not-to-mention the lack of hot water.  Plus I must have been griting my teeth because my jaw was killing me.

The best thing about Monday was going over to a Mrs. M’s house to stuff envelopes for a bridal shower we were working on.  Mr. and Mrs. M have a frozen margarita machine so the plan was he would fix the drinks while we stuffed the envelopes.  The envelopes were done withing 20 minutes but I didn’t leave until almost 2 hours and several margaritas later.  My jaw was finally feeling better.

Tuesday, was the happy hour and I got to see some people I haven’t seen in a while.  It was a small group but everyone seemed to have a good time and I was pleased with the happy hour prices.

Wednesday, was when the poop hit the fan at work. It’s a lot of blah blah blah and some panic and in the end a shit load of work for my team.  This also means working this weekend… Crap!  So after work I took Minnie Red to see Hancock because there’s no sense in stressing, right?  I then worked that night in hopes it would help me finish early on Thursday so I could head to the beach as early as possible to avoid traffic.

Thursday, I worked from home and nothing got completed as planned.  I dropped a load of money on four new tires and they tried to get me to spend another load on more work.  They are, of course, mechanics and I am, of course, a woman so you know how that goes. At work there were all sorts of oddities that needed trouble shooting and I tried to pack in between them.  I just couldn’t seem to get away from work and so the poop that exploded on Wednesday was still hanging in limbo.  I was finally able to pull away around three and feared the drive would be bad but I hoped for the best.

It took two hours just to get to Annapolis and the three hour drive took four and a half, but I was just happy to be there.  I arrived just as Brotha-Man and SIL were putting the King to bed so I kissed him goodnight and took a pull on the kegerator.  Ahh time to wash the week away even though I knew I would be working while here at the beach.

I was asleep by 10 but I had forgotten about the alarm on my cell phone.  That was it and I was awake and it was 5am.  I couldn’t help but think about all the work I had to do.  Granted the data that needed cleaning had been cut back to only 40,000 but last time it was cut close because it took two weeks to clean 5,000.  So I was thinking about all this work and there’s a big party in Bethany on Saturday and I wasn’t going to miss it.  Our VP said no one was to work on the 4th but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. So now it’s 5:30am and I’m out of bed, before the King even.  I’m trying to be very quiet so I set myself up out on the balcony and I start this gawd awful tedious task.

I missed the King’s first walk on the boards, I missed beach time, and I missed nap time.  By the time the crabs arrived I had worked straight through and the data was cleaned and is now ready to be organized before sending to the programmers to be imported.  The crabs were hot and the beer was cold so I didn’t even bother to change out of my pjs, that I had been working in all day.  At least I was in a tank because I looked as if I had been sitting on the beach and I have the sunburn to prove it.

The crabs were delicious! So was the beer for that matter… and still is.  By the time I called it quits with the crabs I took a nice shower and played with the King.  He was put in his jammies and Auntie Red rocked him to sleep.

It may have been a crap week and a tough day of work but that little boy falling asleep in my arms washes all the crap away and makes me a happy Auntie.

Happy 4th of July!


3 comments on “To be honest… its been a crap week

  1. The Godfather loves to hear about The King! 🙂

  2. I don’t know how Pastor did it but we got to Annapolis in no time with out driving on US-50. He drove through some neighborhoods and I think at one point he cut across a small corn farm and this old dude was yelling at us. I was half asleep in the back seat listening to the latest bluegrass hit!

    I’m gonna have to do some research before my next trip, next weekend. It’s not like I have one of those GPS thingies and I’m betting Pastor doesn’t have one either. Or maybe I could just follow you guys next time. – Red

  3. Aw, you’re a good Aunt, and model employee.

    My nephew is a cutie so it’s easy to spoil him. The extra work might help with comp time which could mean extra time at the beach down the road. Thanks for your kind words. – Red

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