Check out my hot ride

This is my boss’s new ride… Well, it’s her husbands.

The Boss\'s new Ride

Yesterday Mrs. Chickie was driving this loaner car:


Today I have a loaner car and I’m not happy about it.  They said it was all they had but I’ve heard that before but that time they gave me a Miata.  Today I got this:


I was stunned and very unhappy about driving around in this.  I said, “Are you sure you don’t have anything else?”

Me thinks this could be a bad sign.  My car is not under warranty anymore yet I took it to the dealership since there is an issue they thought they fixed yet didn’t.  Getting the Caravan gives me a bad feeling this isn’t going to go my way and could cost me bookoo.

I’m gonna need someone to buy me a drink since I won’t be able to afford it.

This is what I usually drive:

I love my car and I’m missing it very much right now.  Sniff sniff


2 comments on “Check out my hot ride

  1. last time i needed a rental, i traded in 3 times before i got something that wasn’t a gas hog or smell…..

  2. um, what does one get for that drink? and how does that compare if one were to buy you… say, 4 drinks? (he says as he checks out the contents of his wallet… ‘bartender, make it top shelf the 1st round then plain house after that’)

    I guess you could never know since you are moving to Colorado – Red

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