How Green is your Plastic?

The topic of bottled water has come up quite often in discussion with friends.  I caught a news report on this some months ago and have made a concerted effort not to use bottled water.  I have been using my own bottles and tap water.  So much money has been put into cleaning our tap water so why put more money into costly bottled water and contributed to all the plastic in our dumps.

Ahh plastic!  That has been a more recent news topic.  Mrs. Chickie (a coworker of mine) has mentioned it and how she has been cleaning the bad plastics out of her house and away from her three children.  I admit I have been lax in looking it up and educating myself even though it has been a prevalent topic in the news.

Today Mrs. Chickie stopped by my desk and noticed all my plastic containers of fruit and salad as well as my water bottle.  She started checking what number they were and was ohhing and ahhing about how bad my plastic is.  Finally, I did some research.  She suggested checking out Z Recommends, which is a blog with a wide range of information geared towards a safer environment for your kids.

I started by Googling “plastic” and that turned up everything except what I was looking for so I tried “good plastic, bad plastic”.  This brought me to a blog titled “A Bunch of Greens” geared towards living green and a post titled “Good Plastic – Bad Plastic”.  This has a fantastic overview but I became very bothered because my new water bottle, purchased at Starbucks, is a #7.  I guess I figured this is just the type of thing Starbucks would be on top of, which is why I purchased the water bottle.  Yes I should have done my own research from the git so I guess I was disappointed in both myself as well as Starbucks.

I forged forward looking for more information and came upon a wealth of info that I am still going through.  I found a site called “The Green Guide” and seems its part of the National Geographic web site. I can’t wait to see what else they have but their info on plastics is extensive starting with “Green Learning: Plastics by the Numbers”.

I’m finding a lot of information but I’m still bothered by my recent Starbucks purchase.  I went to Their website to see if I could write to them about my disappointment.  This is what you do when you are older… You write letters when you are dissatisfied with a company.  Well, my Mother wrote letters I write little blurby emails expressing my disgust with them as well as myself.

I recently bought a water bottle from my local Starbucks in my town’s Safeway. I’ve heard about the issues with plastics lately but neglected to do any research. I decided to purchase a new water bottle from Starbucks figuring you guys were on top of this type thing. I have recently done my research and found the grade of plastic used is one of the worst ones out there 7. I was shocked to find this out since I figured Starbucks would be on top of this situation. I am disappointed to say the least as well as disappointed in myself for placing such trust in Starbucks.”

I was honest I didn’t put all the blame on them.  I wasn’t even sure what I expected them to do but I had this need to express my disappointment in both of us. 

It wasn’t long before I got this response:

Hello Red,

 Thank you for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company. 

 We will happily offer a full refund or exchange for the original price paid if the original sales receipt is presented with the merchandise within 90 days of purchase.  If the original receipt is not available, the last sale price will be refunded.  Also, if the returned item was purchased with cash or a check and the refunded amount is over $25 we will need to issue a refund check which will be mailed within thirty days. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-(800)-235-2883.

Thanks again for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company.

Tim G.
Starbucks Customer Relations

Wow!  I didn’t think I would be offered a refund.  I will definitely be taking them up on that but I have to admit I’m a little disappointed the environmental point seems to have gone unmentioned.

I started going through my kitchen and checking numbers on anything plastic, especially my water bottles.  I am shocked that all of my water bottles are a #7.  I definitely have more reading to do but now , hopefully, I have caught you up and given you some good sites to do your own research to make better choices for your families.

2 comments on “How Green is your Plastic?

  1. http://www.mysigg.com

    Thanks Barry but they aren’t taking any orders due to the overwhelming demand. – Red

  2. Hey Red-
    you should use Thermos products. They have some great Stainless Steel Hydration bottles. I will get you one for when you come into town!!

    You are an AWESOME Woman! I got your message, but know that you don’t owe me anything. I loved doing the invite. I just wanted to help a Sistah out. – Red

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