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Beach Season in the OC may now begin

It’s my first trip to the beach of the 2008 Summer Beach Season. I’m a little later in the season than usual but “Better late than never“, I say.

Minnie Red* and I rode down with The Folks to save on gas… At least I saved on gas cause Dad paid for it.

We arrived just in time for Happy Hour on the Bay at Macky’s. Dad didn’t go over since Tiger was golfing and he couldn’t miss it. So Mom, Minnie Red and I trecked over. We started with The Bucket and had them fill it with Orange Crush. I promised my boss I would send pics of me drinking since that is what she does to me. So I had Minnie Red take the picture below.

Forget a glass I\'ll have a Bucket!

After Mom and I finished The Bucket she had two B-52s. I asked the bartender if he had ever heard of a “Mini Guinness”, consisting of half Kahlua and half Bailey’s. He quickly whipped one up and offered it to Mom who threw it back real fast. She said her B-52 tasted like water after that. Meanwhile, I was drinking some concoction consisting of blueberry Stoli and lemonade. I picked up the tab since Dad paid for gas, I figured the least I could do was get Mom drunk.

When we got back to the Condo Mom filled Dad in on what he missed and quickly said “nite nite” cause she was DONE.

It wasn’t too long before Dad was jonesing for some sandwiches from Anthony’s. So he quickly offered a “I’ll buy if you fly” deal. Damn those sandwiches are good!

Saturday Morning brings a new day and a reminder of some freaky crazy dreams I had last night, must be this ocean air. The call has been made over to get the wave-runner out and Minnie Red is going to get her first experience on one. I’m a little nervous but I think we’ll have fun and I’ll try not to throw her off.

*Mini Red will hence forth be known as Minnie Red. This request was made after our trip to Disney a few weeks ago. Maybe I will have time to write this weekend and cath you all up on our trip as well as other things such as the kidney stone I had. It’s been an interesting year so far.


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